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Wakely Mediation Now Offers Online Mediation Services

In order to better serve clients and potential clients during the Covid 19 Pandemic, Wakely Mediation will now be offering online mediation services. Since inception Wakely Mediation has operated in a paperless preferred paradigm. Offering virtual mediation services via secure video teleconference is the next step in technological integration.

Are Online Mediation Services Important for Business Continuity?

Yes. Several large employers and unions have canceled all upcoming hearing dates for mediation and arbitration. Many employers are encouraging their employees to work from home to ensure that essential business functions are maintained and the health and safety of their people is protected. Covid is a real crisis that threatens our health system and extreme measures are required to flatten the curve. Online dispute resolution can be an important part of your business continuity plan.

Are you still focused on employment disputes?

Wakely Mediation is known for facilitating workplace solutions. That is our core mission. Since there are so few mediators offering online services and demand is high, Wakely Mediation will accept non family cases.

How do I book an Online Mediation

Feel free to contact us for a demonstration of the online mediation solution. It works with your phone, tablet or computer. Just install the app, click the link provided and you are ready to go.

Is Social Distancing Really Important?

I am not sure. I came from healthcare and Covid seems like a pretty big deal. I am offering online mediation because clients were asking for it because their business continuity plans demanded it or because their leadership asked them to cancel offsite meetings.

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