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About Mediation

Define Mediation

Mediation is what we do. Many prospective clients ask us to define mediation. Before they consider mediation as a solution to your dispute it is useful for them to know just what we are offering.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process that is:
  • Voluntary
  • Neutral
  • Private
  • Low Risk
The parties to the dispute stay in control both the process and the outcome. The mediator's job is to guide the participants through the process and help them work through any disagreements.


Parties to a dispute have the ability to agree or not agree to any potential deal. In mediation they also control the process. The voluntary nature of mediation also means that parties in conflict can craft creative solutions.


The mediator acts as a neutral party. It is not the mediator's job to take sides. The mediator helps the discussion along and helps the parties generate options for potential solutions.


Rather than the publicity of litigation at trial, mediation allows all parties to a dispute to explore settlement ideas that protect their interests and their privacy

Low Risk

Mediation often happens in the shadow of litigation. Since the process is voluntary and private, offers that are not acceptable can be countered and no party should agree to a settlement that would be worse than their best alternative.

Our Mediation Services Can Help

If you are considering mediation and still need more information or would like to have a no obligation free consultation to see if Wakely Mediation can help you through your dispute, Please contact us today. The quicker you work through a dispute, the quicker you can get back to doing the things that help you and your bottom line.

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