Mediation FAQ

Most people considering mediation have questions about the process. We put together this mediation FAQ based on the most searched mediation questions. Each page will open a new tab, so you can get back to this page easily. If these answers get you interested in more in depth about mediation check out the Mediation and Negotiation Blog

The Most Googled Mediation Questions

  1. Are Mediation Agreements Legally Binding?
  2. How Mediation Differs From Arbitration?
  3. Mediation How to Prepare?
  4. How To Start Mediation?
  5. How Long Does Mediation Take?
  6. How Mediation Works in Ontario?
  7. Who Attends Mediation?
  8. Who Needs Mediation?
  9. Who Pays Mediation Fees?
  10. Who Organizes Mediation?
  11. Who Conducts Mediation?
  12. Who Regulates Mediation?
  13. When Mediation Does Not Work
  14. When Mediation Is Inappropriate?
  15. Which Is Better Mediation Or Arbitration?
  16. Where Is Mediation Most Appropriate?
  17. Where Is Mediation Mandatory?
  18. Where Are Mediation Sessions Held?
  19. Are Mediation Settlements Taxable?
  20. Are Mediation and Conciliation the Same?
  21. Are Mediation Sessions Open to the Public?
  22. Have More Mediation Questions?

    Feel free to ask! Drop us a question and we will be sure to get back to you with an answer.