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Trouble at Work?

Wakely Mediation is provides workplace mediation in Toronto. Our Toronto mediation practice provides confidential and neutral mediation services for workplace issues in Toronto and the GTA.

Need Mediation Services in Toronto?

Our Toronto mediation practice provides workplace mediation for union and non union work teams, employment mediation for terminated non union employees and grievance mediation and collective bargaining mediation  for unionized workplaces. We provide services at your workplace or a convenient neutral location.

Conflict at Work workplace mediator Toronto Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Employees in conflict hurt your bottom line. Our workplace mediation provides a safe, confidential setting for employees in conflict to work through their dispute. Our process seeks a solution for the dispute at hand while attempting to build a framework for an ongoing productive relationship, that way your workers can start working together to strengthen your business.

Employment Mediation Toronto mediator

Employment Mediation

When employment relationships end businesses are most at risk for litigation. Mediation offers a no risk alternative to protect the interests of both parties. 

Grievance Mediation Union Labour Dispute Toronto

Grievance Mediation

Operating under a collective agreement can be complex. Grievances can tie up significant resources and arbitration carries risks for both sides. You can eliminate the uncertainty of arbitration with a negotiated settlement with the help of Wakely Mediation.

Collective Bargaining Mediation Facilitated Bargaining union management negotiations Toronto

Collective Bargaining Mediation

Whether you are just starting the collective bargaining process or you are in a legal strike/lockout position Wakely Mediation can help. If you are just starting, we will work with both sides to facilitate interest based bargaining. If you are already at impasse, we can work with both teams to narrow the scope of issues and look for value added solutions.

We Can Help

Bottom line, whatever your workplace dilemma, if you’re union or nonunion, we can help create value added solutions and resolve your dispute. Wakely Mediation offers services in Toronto and the GTA, so you and your workforce can address conflict and get on with your business. Mediation reduces risks to the enterprise and the individual with conflict resolved you can get back to your business. The result? A benefit to your bottom line. Contact us today to discuss your dispute resolution needs.