Mediation Services Offered by Wakely Mediation

Workplace Mediation

When Employees are in conflict it hurts them and your bottom line.

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Employment Mediation

Employment relationships end. Both the employer and employee have an interest in parting ways as peacefully as possible. An efficient process saves everyone money.

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Grievance Mediation

Adjudication can be risky for both the employer and the union. These risks can be

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Collective Bargaining Mediation

Whether you are just starting bargaining or if you have reached impasse, mediation can help keep the parties focused on the shared interests.

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Wakely Mediation is based in Brampton, Ontario and offers mediation services in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas. Mediation services provide a confidential, low risk environment where your negotiations are facilitated by a trained professional neutral. At Wakely Mediation we blend evaluative and facilitative methods of mediation. Each dispute is slightly different and sometimes a case with multiple issues requires different approaches based on the issue. Our mediation services are customized to resolve your conflict. Whether you are the employee, union or employer the risk of litigation or ongoing infighting makes you uneasy. Maybe you know the success rate of mediation is high but have no idea where to turn for mediation services. Our mediation practice focuses on people just like you, employers, union representatives and employees that just want a deal that is fair. The risk of litigation in employment and union cases is that you lose your ability to decide, that makes most smart people think twice before committing to that uncertainty. The certainty of continued conflict that hurts the whole workplace in workplace cases makes quick and lasting resolution a business imparative.

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